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Hydropathy's Hydrogen Water Science is second to none. Our engineers understand the two things that matter most when it comes to the perfect glass of drinking water. The first one is purity which is why we've designed our superior dual filtration to exceed recommended levels for common contaminants. The second one is an abundance molecular diatomic hydrogen that meets therapeutic standards. So when it comes to the perfect glass of water, Hydropathy delivers....

The Ultimate Energy Boost on the Go!

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Boost H2 is a quick dissolving hydrogen tablet can be used to add even more H2 in conjunction with your Hydropathy Water System or it can be used as a stand alone product. Just add it to a glass of water or your favorite beverage, let it dissolve and drink. Boost H2 adds beneficial hydrogen to whatever you’re knocking back. Get it done with Boost H2!

Boost H2 Hydrogen Infusing Tablets: Game On! Boost H2 Hydrogen Infusing Tablets: Game On!
Hydrogen Health Guide

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  • Witness the most unbelievable hydrogen discovery ever!
  • See why hydrogen water is right for you with our ultimate checklist.
  • Learn why hydrogen water outperforms alkaline water...and the science proves it...
  • Find out what makes Hydropathy the best delivery system for molecular hydrogen...
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Replacement Filters for the Hydropathy ASIO


Hydropathy Asio Replacement Filters


The Hydropathy Asio will add class and style to any kitchen since it is the world's only hydrogen water system with a genuine stainless steel front, smart touch technology, and an intuitive interface. With Hydropathy you can have the healthiest water available without ruining your kitchen decor... Those with stainless steel appliances have a simple choice with Hydropathy...


Our philosophy at Hydropathy is to take it back to the beginning. What’s more important to humans than water? Nothing! We cannot live without water, and we’re made of mostly water. Doesn’t it make sense to drink the healthiest water available?

Its time FEEL ALIVE and ENERGIZED. Stop walking around half asleep and just going through the motions. Wake Up, you have things to do..., get that spring in your step again and feel like a super powered version of yourself with Hydropathy.

Studies show that hydrogen water produced from Hydropathy has a direct effect on the energy producing cells in your body. Time for a jump start....

Running Water
Mother and Daughter Drinking Hydrogen Water

Unsurpassed Technology

Hydropathy's Hydrogen Infusing Machine is unprecedented in the industry.


In a word...Advancements! Our unit does not depend on primitive water ionizer "cell" technology. Instead, Hydropathy uses a highly specialized Hydrogen Fuel Cell known as a PEM. PEM stands for "Proton Exchange Membrane."

The use of a PEM for hydrogen production was first introduced by General Electric to overcome the many shortcomings (such as scale build up) associated with alkaline electrolysis technology. Hypdropathy's highly advanced technology allows for unequaled therapeutic levels of diatomic hydrogen (the world’s most powerful antioxidant) to be rapidly infused into your drinking water.

See What People are Saying About Hydropathy...

This pro White Sox player loves Hydropathy!

Jacob May White Sox MLB
As a professional athlete, my training sessions are long and rigorous. It’s vitally important that my energy levels are elevated in order to keep up with the high intensity. I needed to find something that works, but it needed to be natural too. After using Hydropathy’s products for just a few weeks, I noticed a significant difference in how I feel and perform. Now with Hydropathy’s products, I can train harder and longer without feeling tired. Another incredible benefit that I’ve noticed is that I recover so much faster after intense workouts. The bottom line is that Hydropathy’s products have become an important part of my life, and they are key for my hydration levels and performance too. 
Happy Ionized Water Customer
My husband and I LOVE the Hydropathy water machine. We both lost weight and feel better than ever. Plus, people keep telling me how great my skin looks since I’ve been drinking it. They tell me that I have a new glow. Thanks Hydropathy! I wasn’t expecting to look better, so that’s a great bonus. The water is incredible and definitely worth every penny. 
Happy Ionized Water Customer
I do a lot of hiking, so it really takes my knees and joints. I was looking for something that would give me some relief because I didn’t want to give up doing what I love. I’ve been looking at supplements and cryotherapy, but nothing worked. Then, a friend told me about molecular hydrogen water. I’ve been reviewing all of the clinical research on molecular hydrogen and hydrogen water, and I was amazed. I decided to try out a Hydropathy unit, and the results have been incredible. I feel like I’m 16 again. I can hike longer and the pain in my knees and joints is finally relieved. 
Happy Ionized Water Customer
I lost 30 pounds since drinking the hydrogen water from my Hydropathy machine. Plus, my energy levels are through the roof. 
Happy Ionized Water Customer
I was addicted to coffee and energy drinks, but they stopped working for me. I was desperate to find energy to get through my work day and then still have enough energy left for my 2 kids. I figured that my low energy levels were due to getting older, and just accepted that. But then, one night I fell asleep at my daughter’s recital, and it was really embarrassing. I knew that I needed to do something. I started doing research and came across the idea of molecular hydrogen. For me, drinking hydrogen water seemed to be the easiest way to get the hydrogen. I’m thrilled to say that my energy levels have increased and I feel better than ever. No more sleeping at recitals thanks to my new Hydropathy machine. 
Happy Ionized Water Customer
I’ve been drinking the water now for two months, and I just got my cholesterol results back and the doctor was shocked at how good my levels are now. He asked what I was doing differently, and I told him about the water. He said he is going to buy one too…wish I worked on commission. 
Happy Ionized Water Customer
I love Hydropathy's hydrogen water and Boost H2 tablets. The tablets give me the energy to keep up with my grandkids. Who knew I’d be just as busy in retirement! The funny thing is that it helps me with my aches and pains too. What a pleasant surprise! I order the tablets in bulk so that I’m never without them. 


Expect More with Hydropathy!

Expect More with Hydropathy!

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