Hydropathy Warranty

Hydropathy 5 year Warranty


From the quality of our filters to the durability of our parts, Hydropathy spared no expense in creating the perfect hydrogen water machine. The stainless steel casing is not only beautiful, but strong and durable too.

The Hydropathy Asio complements any kitchen style and provides affordable, healthy, hydrogen-rich water anytime - day or night.


The Hydropathy Asio is built to last, and will provide years of fresh, clean hydrogen water in your home.

Hydropathy’s no fuss warranty is 5 years, and it covers both parts and labor.


Hydropathy’s team of technical experts ensure that if anything ever goes wrong with your Hydropathy unit that you never have to worry. You’ll have your Hydropathy unit back up and running in no time…usually within the same week.