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Food and drink trends are interesting to watch. They tell us a lot about how we live and how we aspire to live. The Summer Fancy Food Show in New York is an annual event hosted by the Speciality Food Association. A showcase of food innovation and development, the show is the largest trade event of its kind in North America and big news on the industry calendar.

Discarded Water Bottles
What do we really want from our water?

Wellness and Water

Phil Kafarakis, president of the trade group, says that one of the strongest trends to emerge in this year’s show was the appetite for drinks that enhance health and wellness. Specifically, water was big news.

In light of the shocking stories that we’re now accustomed to about the true state of municipal water supplies across America, it’s little wonder that sales of water have risen so sharply.

“Water is up 75 percent in dollar sales from 2014 to 2016.”

Denise Purcell, Head of Content, Specialty Food Media Inc.

What Kind of Water?

More people are curious about how water can enhance their health. Bottled water is a big market and unsurprisingly, many types don’t deliver what they promise. Indeed, some brands of bottled water are nothing more than purified tap water.

How Pure is Bottled Water?

But the bottled water industry has a more sinister side as well. When you open a bottle of slickly branded water, the very least you expect is purity. However, in 2008, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) released a shocking report that identified cancer-linked toxic by-products, pain medication and fertilizer residue among other contaminants in 10 major brands of bottled water.

“The unproven safety record for plastic additives is just one more reason why bottled water drinkers end up with a product that fails to live up to its claims of purity and quality.”

Olga Naidenko, Ph.D., EWG Senior Scientist

What’s the Alternative?

Scary stuff. With carcinogenic Bisphenal A leaching from the bottles into the water and the knowledge that we’re still dumping millions of pounds of plastic into landfill every year; is it any surprise that many people want an alternative? Enhanced water without the bottle?

The Hydropathy Machine and Clean, Pure Hydrogen

The Hydropathy Hydrogen Infusing Machine marks a sea change in how we hydrate our bodies. With groundbreaking design and some of the most innovative engineering on the market, the Hydropathy Machine is – literally – life-changing.

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With a unique Hydrogen Fuel Cell known as a ‘Proton Exchange Membrane’ (PEM) at its core, the Hydropathy Machine produces an incomparable level of clean, pure hydrogen in each glass. Taking the concept of enhanced water to an entirely new zenith, the Hydropathy machine is an industry gamechanger.

Be Part of the Hydropathy Revolution!

As the Summer Fancy Food Show ends for 2017, the Hydropathy Hydrogen Infusing Machine celebrates the start of a whole new health revolution!

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